Digital (Security) Transformation

Gartner estimates that 40% of the 2019 IT spend will be directed towards Digital Transformation (DT) or technology driven business process re-engineering that uses data, machine learning, IoT, mobile, cloud and virtualization in innovative ways to change the way they compete. The business value is undisputed but all that tech being applied in unanticipated ways stresses traditional cyber controls.

Cyber leaders must build and maintain trust in a world where any human or device can use any network and any application as a customer, employee, partner or all of the above?

At VoSec, we've researched the complexities and developed a framework for Digital Transformation security that considers:

  • Executive training modules on the technologies, the emerging threat surfaces they present and potential mitigating controls,
  • An organizational structure that enables a seamless partnership with the business
  • Control frameworks and operating models that embrace change, the principles of zero trust and the convergence of human and machine identity, access governance, access management and adaptive authentication disciplines
  • Very low friction for users