Stategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory Services

VoSec researches emerging technologies and developes intellectual property and frameworks to help cyber leaders keep pace with businesses innovation.

Strategic Advisory Services (SAS) uses these frameworks to help companies understand and close the gap from where they are today to where must be to protect their business. All frameworks:

  • identify
    SMART Specific
    business objectives and KPIs,
  • consider all
    8 Elements of Information Security

    NIST Special Publication 800-12r1

  • include
    executive workshops Technology review
    Value potential
    Appropriate use
    Inherent security
    Inherent threats
    Mitigation techniques
    to help leadership understand emerging technologies, the new threat surfaces they present and potential mitigating controls,
  • use the
    OCTAVE Allegro risk assessment Operationally Critical Threat, Asset, and Vulnerability Evaluation Allegro is a streamlined cyber risk assessment method created by CMU to provide robust risk assessment results, with a relatively small investment in time and resources, even for those organizations that do not have extensive risk management expertise.
    process to quantify the specific risks that these new models pose to business,
  • deliver security and regulatory gap assessments and corresponding remediation roadmaps.

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