Who We Are

At VoSec, we believe that many great organizations lack the necessary skills, experience, and repeatable approaches to reach their full potential, especially in the realm of emerging tech like AI, Generative AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity.

Our operators bring business, technical, and security expertise because excelling in one area requires proficiency in all three.

In every engagement, we:

  • Utilize proven techniques, frameworks, and playbooks to define/refine strategy.
  • Connect strategy to execution, building on successes for maximum impact.
  • Drive automation to achieve efficiency, effectiveness, and speed.

Let's create the future together.

How We Help

  1. Use proven techniques to refine strategy
      What is the desired outcome?
      What is practical and when?
  2. Connect strategy to execution
      How should improvements be sequenced for maximum impact?
      Are the right names in the right boxes?
      Are the right processes and controls in place?
  3. Drive automation to achieve efficiency, effectiveness, and speed