Large PE firms acquire promising start-ups with the expectation that they can mature execution so that their investments survive, thrive, and exit well. These investors:

  • Provide operations expertise in the form of management consultants with experience and playbooks to drive clarity and accountability across the business.
  • Take a systems approach to operations and ensure that the core value proposition, customers, and business activities are well understood and tested, expenses and revenue are tightly coupled, and investments are sequenced to meet the goals within existing constraints (resources, cash life, etc.)

VoSec Operating Partners provide these same services on a transitional basis for early-stage companies. We work directly with the client CEO and their team to iteratively refine and execute the business model with the intent of improving controls and performance, and driving scale, revenue, and capitalization.

Emerging Tech and Startups

VoSec and our advisors research emerging technologies and develop intellectual property and frameworks to help CEOs keep pace with innovation.