All organizations are compelled to understand and manage real (ransomware, breach, etc.), regulatory, and legal risks both efficiently and effectively.

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Average Tech CISO compensation in 2022.

Unfortunately, many cannot find or afford to hire top-tier dedicated CISO so they either settle an unqualifed candidate or look to virtual-CISOs for help. vCISOs have their own limitations:

  • The fractional resource‚Äôs time and attention are spread across many clients
  • They may lack in-depth knowledge of your systems
  • They lack tight integration with your culture and organization

VoSec has a different approach. We provide the skills, experience, and frameworks to develop your programs, TTPs (tools, techniques, practices), and your people.

The outcome is not an expensive hire, but a highly effective function that is a natural part of your operations.

  • Lower Cost
  • Extensive Industry Knowledge and Skill
  • Limited Turnover

Practice Offerings

VoSec and our advisors are continuously researching emerging technologies and tools to develop intellectual property and frameworks that help risk operations keep pace with adversaries.

Our Cybersecurity Practice provides the skills, experience, and frameworks to develop robust cybersecurity programs, tools, techniques, and practices (TTPs), as well as the people within your organization. Our approach ensures that cybersecurity becomes a highly effective function naturally integrated into your operations, rather than an expensive external hire.

Our seasoned consultants bring extensive business, technical, and security expertise, excelling across these domains to deliver comprehensive and impactful solutions.

In every engagement, we:

  • Utilize proven techniques, frameworks, and playbooks to define and refine strategy.
  • Connect strategy to execution, building on successes for maximum impact.
  • Drive automation to achieve efficiency, effectiveness, and speed.

Our service offerings cater to both SMBs and Fortune 500 companies, providing flexibility through various engagement models including Time & Materials (T&M), monthly retainers, and project-based contracts.

Service Offering Description Target Clients Engagement Models
Cybersecurity Strategy & Governance Work with the CIO, corporate risk, and business constituents to develop a cybersecurity vision, strategy, and roadmap that is SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound). Fortune 500 companies Project-based, Monthly Retainer
AI Strategy and Governance Management consultants with cyber, traditional AI and generative AI experience develop and execute strategies to manage real and regulatory risk across AI programs and pilots. Fortune 500 companies Project-based, Monthly Retainer
Fractional CISO Leverage the new generation of cloud-based compliance automation platforms to effectively manage risk and demonstrate compliance on a limited budget. SMBs Monthly Retainer
Interim CISO Fill a staffing gap or purposely "grow from within" by providing interim CISO services. SMBs and Fortune 500 companies Project-based, Monthly Retainer
Third Party Risk Management Assessment and Redesign Design, pilot, and implement a risk-based approach to third-party risk management, improving speed, reducing costs, and mitigating risks. SMBs and Fortune 500 companies Project-based, T&M